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Chronicle of the company OSK-Kiefer GmbH – Surface and Shot Peening Engineering

OSK-Kiefer GmbH has specialized in providing shot peening service under rigidly controlled and reproducable conditions, as well as all other blasting applications.

In 2009, at the plant of Petershausen / Bayern the process of vibratory grinding was integrated. The plan locations are juridical and economical independent. Each plant location has a staff of appr. 30 peoples. All plant locations are comparable equiped and organized with staff, machinery and production flow. All plant locations are specialized in surface treatments by shot peening, blasting and vibratory grinding services. Among them are:

  • Compressed air-shot peening machines (gravitation system)
  • Compressed air-shot peening machines (pressure system)
  • Compressed air-shot peening machines (suction system)
  • Centrifugal force-shot peening machines

in different versions.

This similary equipment in all our shot peening sites guarantees also in all urgent situations the further ability to supply our customers. However our shot peening sites all work independently. Motivation, innovation and transfer of experience among them are constantly improving quality and service for the advantage of our customer. For quality reasons all plant locations prefer, as far as this is economically acceptable, Compressed air-shot peening machines (gravitation system) model “Gravi”.

These are compressed air-shot peening machines which are feeding the nozzles with shot media under suction and gravitation forces. In the compressed air-shot peening machines (gravitation system) model “Gravi” are the desired air pressure and the shot media flow metered and interact with a sensing system. All means for moving parts and systems are optically and/or acoustically controlled and operate with contact-free control devices. Thus, a shot peening process with high regulation accuracy and adjustment ability is achieved, and results in reproducible production from part to part. In order to meet in the future the increasing requirements of the shot peening technique, we participate regularly to important projects in reseach and development. We can refer to the cooperation with well-known institutes and enterprises and carry out our own tests and development. Our well known customers are producers of: vehicles, drive units and gearing, agricultural machines, aircrafts, chemical equipment, compressors and pumps, steam and gas turbines, pneumatic and electrical tools, deep drilling equipment and machine parts. OSK-Kiefer GmbH Surface and blast techniques

2012 the plant location in 29227 Celle was founded.

2008 the plant location in 73249 Wernau has started production.

2001 the plant location in 46049 Oberhausen was ready to go.

1995 the plant location in 07381 Oppurg has started.

1986 the plant location in 85238 Petershausen was following.