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Shot peening machines

OSK-Kiefer GmbH has been engaged for more than 30 years in shot peening and blasting applications.

We have intensively invested in the fields of applications and for our own use we have developed, designed and constructed specialized shot peening machines. Our staff is very well educated and highly competent in this special subject. We use only high-quality shot peening and blasting media.

All plant locations are equipped with the usual machinery for surface treatments of components by shot peening and blasting.

  • Compressed air-shot peening machines (gravitation system) model “Gravi”
    (developed by OSK-Kiefer GmbH)”
  • Compressed air-shot peening machines (pressure system)
  • Compressed air-shot peening machines (suction system)
  • Centrifugal force-shot peening machines

All plant locations work for quality reasons, as far as this is economically acceptable, with copressed air-shot peening machines (gravitation system) model “Gravi”.

This is a compressed air-shot peening machine in which the nozzles are feeded through a vertical conveyor and an overhead metering hobber. The shot media flow is accelerated by suction- and gravitation force, metered and interact with a sensing system.

The particular advantages are:

  • metered and uniform shot media flow
  • contactless metering of shot media flow
  • high speed of the shot media and accuratly settings and regulations
  • mounting without any problems several nozzles and means for moving parts and nozzles
  • high ability of adaptation to the object of the shot peening process
  • uninterrupted shot peening process
  • optical and/or acoustical control of all moving means