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Control service of decontamination by use of an endoscope

This hole equipment enables us to clean a wide range of different parts in different sizes and materials up to a lenth of approximate 8000 mm and a diameter of approximate 350 mm. All aquiferous parts of the cleansing apparatus is made of stainless materials. The cleansing liquor, including alkaline agents inhibiting corrosion, is heated up to approx. 70° C. The cleansing apparatus is working full automatic but can also be handled manual.

The part rotates on „PU coated“ cylinders during the process of cleaning.At the same time the rinsing nozzles ar moved horyzontally under rigidly controlled conditions over the hole part surface. To clean holes two special nozzles are set up opposite to each other and the cleansing liquor swirled tremendously and cleans such difficult areas. Axial and cross drilled holes are handled and processed manually with special nozzles. If necessary, the parts will be dried after the cleaning process by compressed air nozzles.

Control of decontamination by use of an endoscope

To investigate and control inside surfaces of machined parts we use special video endoscopes. With this sytems we are able to investigate and control:

  • drilled holes with a diameter of 3 mm Ø
    and a length of 1800 mm
  • drilled holes with a diameter of 6 mm Ø and
    a length of 3500 mm.

We are able to transmit immediately after the investigation by e-mail digital pictures of the inspected areas. We are also able to transmit the recorded and coded data of the investigation live via world wide web. We provide you with inspection and control service by use of an endoscope.
(only at Oppurg / Thüringen)