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Blasting Applications

Shot peening of metal spray coatings

Metal spray coatings are often very hard, rough and porous. Shot peening smoothes and compacts these coatings. Damaged spots and inadequate adherences to the base material are shown by spalling and blistering.
Shot peening before metal spray coating induces high compressive residual stress in the surface layer of the base material and prevents the propagation of cracks into the base material.
Shot peening after metal spray coating reduces the porosity in the metal spray coating layer and improves the surface finish.

Smoothening, roughening, burnishing clean, blastingdeburring,
skiving, engraving

It is possible by a skillful selection of blasting parameters and shapes, sizes and materials of shot media to produce for different requirements appropriate surface appearances and superficial structures:

  • to frictional properties, glueing properties and coating properties
  • matted, non-glare and smoothe surfaces
  • clean sufaces by scouring, descaling, stripping and derusting

and/or to work parts:

  • by deburring, skiving, engraving und cutting.

Shot peening to surface structuring

Different applications require different superficial structures of parts.
Different shot media in size, shape, material, hardness and different parameters in the shot peening process can realize nearly every superficial struture wanted.

Applications are: forging dies, moulds, pipes, cylinder rolls, friction disks, etc..