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Mr. Harry Schlutius

Phone: 08137/9316-11
Fax: 08137/9316-16

E-Mail: Harry.Schlutius@osk-kiefer.com


Mr. Stefan Gagel

Phone: 08137/9316-17
Fax: 08137/9316-16

E-Mail: Stefan.Gagel@osk-kiefer.com


Mr. Daniel Ziegaus

Phone: 08137/9316-33
Fax: 08137/9316-16

E-Mail: Daniel.Ziegaus@osk-kiefer.com

Head of x-ray laboratory

Mr. Max Wiedemann
B.Eng. Materials Engineering

Phone: 08137/9316-24
Fax.: 08137/9316-16

E-Mail: Max.Wiedemann@osk-kiefer.com

Head of Production/Shipping

Mr. Alexander Förster

Phone: 08137/9316-13
Fax.: 08137/9316-14

E-Mail: Alexander.Foerster@osk-kiefer.com

Job Management

Mr. Markus Thaler

Phone: 08137/9316-10
Fax: 08137/9316-16

E-Mail: Markus.Thaler@osk-kiefer.com




Head of Production

Mr. Rudolf Schickinger / Mr. Christian Scholz

Phone: 08137/9316-25
Fax: 08137/9316-16

E-Mail: Rudolf.Schickinger@osk-kiefer.com

Quality Management

Mr. Gerd Klingelstein

Phone: 08137/9316-19
Fax: 08137/9316-16

E-Mail: QS.petershausen@osk-kiefer.com

Advertising / Acquisition

Ms. Karin Härtl

Phone: 08137/9316-12
Fax: 08137/9316-16

E-Mail: Karin.Haertl@osk-kiefer.com

Juridical and economical independent plant location

Göppertshausen 5-6
85238 Petershausen
Telefon: 08137/9316-10
Telefax: 08137/9316-16
E-Mail: osk-petershausen@osk-kiefer.com

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